Amy Ward is a self-taught artist from a small town in Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. She produces innovative paintings that demonstrate an unrivaled sense of color and form as her work has been considered controlled chaos.
“Within any painting you can appreciate dozens of layers of activity,” she states. “The sum total is balanced and thoughtful, bringing not only a sense of peace, but also a compulsion.”  Her directive is to spend more time with each image, to get into it and find something that no one else has ever seen before.
“We are hardwired with the desire to find familiar shapes and objects even when there are no literal characters,” Ward mentions.  “We are intrigued and attracted to the composition of color forms, but in the end we will inevitably be reminded of something tangible. The magic is that this reminiscence will be different for every individual. This is the spiritual connection that you make with the painting on a very personal level. You may like a particular piece very much and never know what the attraction really is.”
Ward states that collectors find new and interesting things in the composition that they hadn’t noticed or connected to the first time they saw it.  “These are paintings to interact with. The artwork created is not simple, in fact, there is no end of discoveries to be found in any one painting.  It takes time to grow to love every nuance of every stroke, yet there is an immediate infatuation that will compel a collector to take it home and begin to fall in love.”