​Gallery Membership

​ACCELERATION ART & PHOTOGRAPHY is open Wednesday thru Saturday 11AM - 6PM

The gallery also hosts First Friday opening receptions, monthly workshops, open mic family nights,
and occasionally sponsors and partners with local special events.

The membership includes the option to participate in any open or themed month, scheduled event,
or a pop up Saturday.  Art work must coordinate with the subject, topic, or theme
and all open months are based on availability.

Additionally, the gallery will coordinate a scheduled art rotation with selected venues, galleries, 
and other spaces to allow your art work to be displayed in other locations as well as Acceleration.
The number of alternative points depends on the level of interest, availability, and experience.

Artist retains ownership of all work consigned to or represented by gallery.
Artist retains copyright to all consigned artwork. 
Payment to artist will be provided within 30 days after receipt of payment from Buyer to gallery.  Artwork will not be released by gallery to Buyer until full payment is received.                
Compensation for the services to be rendered is a monthly payment of $50.00
There is no commission paid to gallery for pop-up Saturday dates or outside events.
Additional commission per venue will be outlined prior to commitment.