1. Managing Director

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Bedroom Sea, 2008, (SOLD)
Journey to Emerald City, 2017, (SOLD)
Venus Flight, 2009, (SOLD)

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Lead Vocals, 2014, (SOLD)
Blue on Green, 2008, (SOLD)

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Open Saddle, 2016, (SOLD)
Welcome, 2016, (SOLD)

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Off Kilter, 2009, (SOLD)
Gravity Hill, 2016, (SOLD)

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A Lovely Riptide, 2018, (Available for purchase)
Urban Sky, 2018, (Available for purchase)

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The Deconstruction of an Old Friend, 2018, (SOLD)
Apricot Sunrise & Red Extensions, 2019 (Available for purchase )

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Commission: Woodward Ave, to Private Collector 2015, (SOLD)
Rain Saved the City, 2014, (SOLD)
The Legend, 2015, (SOLD)
How to Get Back, 2018, (Available for Purchase)
Commission: Fierce, to Private Collector, 2015, (SOLD)
Commission: Hop Your Face w. Fountain Square Brew Co, 2015, (SOLD)

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Commission: Welcome Race Fans  Project w.  Indianapolis Motor Speedway & Art Council of Indianapolis, 2016, (SOLD)
Squirrel City Fighting, 2014, (SOLD)
Evolution of Planet Vinyl, 2014, (SOLD)
Commission: Hop Your Face w. Fountain Square Brew Co, 2015, (SOLD)

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Heart , 2014 (SOLD)
The Far Side,  2011  (SOLD)
Body and Mind, 2012, (SOLD)
Pedaling Thoughts,  2018, (SOLD)
City of Friday, 2018 (SOLD)

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Public Art/ Mural: Dry Bones Mud House, 2018,
Public Art/ Mural: Fountain Square Brew Co.  2018

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Public Art/ Mural: Dry Bones Mud House,  2018
Commission: Vintage Harlot, to Private Collector,  2014 (SOLD)
Public Art / Mural: Boomerang Boutique , 2014
Public Art/ Mural: Dry Bones Mud House,  2018

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Commission: Indianapolis Zoo, Naturally Inspired Paint Day, 2018 (SOLD)
Wurlyberg Burg, Spin It- Chicago IL, 2018 (SOLD)
Poo Tee Weet, 2017, TINY VI Gallery 924 (SOLD)
This is Where I Thrash/ Grandpa Garcia's Place, 2018  (SOLD)

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Euro Trash, 2011 (SOLD)
 Bullheaded, 2013 (SOLD)
Boomtown, diptych, 2018, (SOLD)
Miami waves, 2009, (SOLD)
Untitled, 2015 (SOLD)

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We were not Lost, 2018 (SOLD)
A Road to Travel , 2016 (SOLD)

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Desert of Eden, 2011 (SOLD)
Crazy Town, 2016 (SOLD)
Inside His Head, 2011 (SOLD)
,Runaway, Tonic Ball 2011  Benefit for Second Helpings @ New Day Gallery, (SOLD)
Brain head , 2015 (SOLD)

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This Was Home, 2018 (SOLD)
Aerial Jam, 2018 (SOLD)

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Room of Blocks  2008 (SOLD)
Commission: Untitled, to Private Collector,  2018 (SOLD)

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The Zipper 2019 (SOLD)
You are the Fire and the Flood,  2018 (SOLD)
Broken Compass, 2015 (SOLD)

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Nova Oppidan 2019 ( Available for Purchase )
Somewhere between Dallas & Denver , 2018 (SOLD)
Talk to Her,  2018 (SOLD)

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Flux, 2018 TINY VII Exhibit (SOLD)
Pedal Town, 2018  TINY VII Exhibit (Available for purchase)
 August's Rumor/ Two Moons, 2018 (SOLD)
Chilly Water, 2015 (SOLD)

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RAW Portland, OR  PULSE Art, Fashion, & Music Event, 2011
Stuffed in a Cage, collobration with Gary Lynn, 2016 (SOLD)

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Indianapolis, IN